This blog is published by Penelope Love and Mark Morrison. We have been writing for Call of Cthulhu since our first book together, Terror Australis, in 1987.

We started this blog to discuss the writing and editing of the revised edition of Horror on the Orient Express, published by our friends at Chaosium in 2014. Since then our work has appeared in the Chaosium books Reign of Terror, Terror Australis (2nd edition) and the new Call of Cthulhu starter set, as well as De Horrore Cosmico from Golden Goblin Press. Any opinions or statements on this blog are our own, not those of our publishers.

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  1. Chad MacDonald

    Hi fellas! Loving your blog so far, for someone who has never fully ran a Dreamland’s campaign, this blog has been very insightful and gave me the ability to make some decisions in the plot/setting design. There is one problem though that so far I cannot find anyone addressing. In Zak/Zar is a “Time of Uthlos”, a time when the unremembered my dwell in the land of mortal men once more. The Chaosium Dreamlands book mentions Uthlos, but I cannot find any source material about it. Would you guys have any idea where to start? I dove through archives to learn about Zak and Zar but am finding little to nothing on Uthlos.

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